Weekend Intro Classes

Weekend Intro Classes

Try your hand at some of the key skills you need to succeed in the custom ride industry – check out 4 weekend programs available exclusively at The Kindig Academy at Lincoln Tech. No experience necessary!

  • Each course runs Saturday – Sunday
  • You’ll receive 16 hours’ instruction and receive a certificate of completion at the end
  • Each course is $695 – less than $45 an hour to learn the fundamentals of collision repair and custom builds from a select Kindig-certified instructor!
  • Spots are limited

Weekend Classes Registrations Open now!

Courses are offered on a rotating basis; call for current and upcoming course availability.



Fire up the torch for an overview of TIG Welding, the most popular type of welding used in the collision repair and RestoMod fields.

Next Class: 07/08/2023, 09/09/2023, 11/04/2023

Technically, it’s called Tungsten Insert Gas Welding—but that’s not why you’re here. You want to learn how it works and then get your hands on a torch! This course will teach you about:

  • Machine orientation and setup
  • AC vs. DC welding
  • Polarity and current flow
  • Amp control and frequency
  • Tungsten preparation
  • Filler selection and the science of Metallurgy
  • Autogenous welding and fusing



A fast, down-and-dirty look at everything you need to know to begin shaping metal for the custom ride industry.

Next Class: 07/22/2023, 09/23/2023, 11/18/2023

In the auto body industry, metal is at the heart of everything you do. This course will cover some of the most essential parts of working with metal, including:

  • Types of metals and their thicknesses (gauges)
  • Shaping vs forming metal
  • Shrinking and stretching metal
  • Sheetmetal brakes and layout
  • Working with hammers and dollies



Get up close and personal with Hot Rod electrical systems, a field all its own.

Next Class: 06/03/2023, 08/05/2023, 10/07/2023, 12/02/2023

Gain an understanding of Hot Rod Wiring basics, from safety essentials to wiring booming sound systems:

  • Principles of proper wiring
  • Safety on the job
  • Tools of the trade
  • The science of amps and insulation
  • Splicing, looming, crimping and heatshrink
  • Working with relays, fuses, and breakers
  • Circuit testing and diagnosis
  • Car audio basics



Get the low-down – and lots of hands-on practice – on the basics of bodywork.

Next Class: 06/17/2023, 08/19/2023, 10/21/2023, 12/16/2023

Auto body work is so much more than hammering out dents or slapping on a fresh coat of paint – and this course will introduce you to it all. Topics include:

  • Basic panel repair and straightening
  • Preparing metal for epoxy coating and polyester filler
  • Prepping and applying primers
  • Mixing, spreading and smoothing polyester filler
  • Proper sanding techniques
  • Choosing the right sanding blocks and paper based on grits and levels