Custom Design & Fabrication Programs

Custom Design & Fabrication Programs

For experienced professionals, The Kindig Academy at Lincoln Tech can take your skills to a whole new level with six weeks of Advanced Custom Vehicle Fabrication training. Two-hundred forty instructional hours cover:

  • Specialty welding
  • Custom fabrication
  • Custom part design
  • Custom painting
  • Custom chassis design
  • Custom exhaust fabrication
  • Mechanical assembly

and a hell of a lot more. You’ll learn hands-on with industry tools like English wheels, power hammers and wiring harnesses, and experience the entire process of taking a design and planning its road to completion.

You can complete the 6-week course all at once, or break up the course into two 3-week sessions. You can take the 3-week “Skin and Bones” fabrication & refinishing module now and come back later for the “Guts” custom vehicle systems design courses – whatever works for your schedule! Either way, you can earn a Kindig Academy Certificate – a benchmark credential for a custom vehicle designer and fabricator – when you’re finished.

You can also choose to take either one of the courses as a stand-alone program – the option is all yours.

Kindig Academy at Lincoln Tech is proud to use tools & equipment from