The Kindig Academy at Lincoln Tech

Imagine learning guitar at the Eddie Van Halen Academy. Or taking a filmmaking course at the Tarantino Institute. Getting accepted at the Richard Petty Institute of Stock Car Racing. In the amazing world of custom vehicle builds and RestoMods, that’s what it means to be Kindig-certified.

Dave Kindig has transformed the vehicle restoration world with bold, standout designs for rides that are eye-catching, heart-stopping, and game changing. And now you can learn his trade secrets and skills at Lincoln Tech, home of the new Kindig Academy in Denver, Colorado.

Kindig is a leading name in the custom car design and fabrication industry. The Kindig Academy at Lincoln Tech is the first of its kind anywhere in the country: a chance to learn master skills through a curriculum developed by a true master. Dave Kindig wants to share his vision, drive and artistic passion with the world’s next class of high-caliber RestoMod pros.

You could be one of them.

From the “Skin and Bones” of fabrication and finishing, to the “Guts” of custom vehicle systems design, this isn’t a “bang out dents and replace panels” kind of shop class. Take your design and fabrication skills to the next level: apply for the Kindig Academy at Lincoln Tech. It’s the only place you’ll find this kind of hands-on training and experience – a Master Class offered exclusively at Lincoln Tech.


Meet Dave Kindig

Dave Kindig is, in a word, a Master. He’s the star of MotorTrend TV’s “Bitchin’ Rides”, and the founder and owner of Kindig-It Design in Salt Lake City. Auto fanatics from around the world come to Kindig-It for one-of-a-kind custom vehicle creations. Dave takes each client from start to finish through the design and fabrication stages, and the end results are rides unlike anything else on the road today. The amazing custom machines coming out of the Kindig-It shop make it easy to see why Dave’s got an extensive waiting list for his services: you don’t rush quality, and that’s what at the heart of every Kindig-It creation.

Dave Kindig

Since 1999, Kindig has set the industry standard by using state-of-the-art equipment and hiring only the best design and fabrication professionals. He’s one of the most recognized stars of both reality TV and the business world – and of course the world of custom vehicles:

  • “Bitchin’ Rides” is the most-viewed show on Motor Trend TV for 8 seasons running, and is broadcasted in more than 170 countries.
  • Dave Kindig was named Builder of the Year by the Grand National Roadster Show in 2020.
  • His shop was named Roadster Shop’s "Best on RS" in 2018.
  • He has received the Ford Design Award, Boise Idaho Master Builder Award, Good Guys Trend Setter Award in 2012, and more.
  • Dave Kindig and Kindig-It Design combine for almost 800,000 followers on Instagram and counting.



Custom Design & Fabrication Programs

The Kindig Academy at Lincoln Tech can help you take your skills to the next level whether you're an experienced pro or just starting out. Our programs are built around the skills, techniques, muscle and swagger that are the hallmarks of the Kindig team's most bitchin' rides. Each course, whether comprehensive or skill-specific, comes with Dave's stamp of approval. And they're all one-of-a-kind, an experience you can only get at the Kindig Academy!


Custom Design & Fabrication

Certification Programs

Check out our comprehensive program if you're already working in the field: this 6-week course gets you Kindig-certified and on your way to a whole new professional level

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Weekend Intro Classes

Specialized Courses

Fast, convenient introductory courses take you one weekend at a time through fundamental skills for success in the collision repair industry. Great for beginners!

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About Lincoln Tech

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For 75 years, Lincoln Tech has been a national leader in specialized technical training. The first campus opened in Newark, New Jersey in 1946 to provide hands-on training to veterans returning home from World War II. Since then hundreds of thousands of graduates nationwide have launched careers that keep the American economy growing while providing stable incomes for the families our grads support. Students and hiring managers alike turn to Lincoln Tech because of a reputation built over those 75 years.

In the Auto industry, Lincoln Tech’s name is synonymous with exceptional skills training not only in Automotive Technology, but in auto body repair, refinishing and restoration – the foundational skills of a career in custom car design and fabrication. Employers know and trust the Lincoln name, because we’ve had a national presence longer than just about anybody.

The Denver campus – home of the Kindig Academy at Lincoln Tech – has been a cornerstone of the Mile High City’s education community since 1960. Combining the Lincoln Tech tradition with Dave Kindig’s vision, this academy promises next-level education for a career field with plenty of opportunities!